Lender Services

A defaulting hotel note presents a number of challenges, from financial, to legal, to human resources. Our Commonwealth Lodging team has a deep understanding of these hurdles and how to design a plan to manage the situation with ease. Clients choose Commonwealth Lodging because of our significant experience, the strength of our brand relationships, direct engagement of our senior management, and because we are unencumbered by debt or other competing priorities. We regularly consult for regional and national lenders, and we are proud to be one of the most active managers of REO/receivership hotels on the East Coast.

Hotel Receiver, Management & Disposition Advisory

Commonwealth Lodging has engaged as receiver and/or manager in dozens of full services and select service hotels throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Recognizing that each situation is unique, we evaluate the circumstances and options with lenders and work with them to prepare and execute a resolution plan. Services includ

  • Asset management
  • Receiver services
  • Rake-out financing
  • Appraisals
  • Franchise negotiations
  • Property improvement plans
  • Property marketing solutions

Hotel Receivership & Management

Our executive team has extensive experience in hotel receiverships, acquisitions, and rebranding. We have well-established relationships with creditors’ rights, real estate, bankruptcy, and transactional attorneys who know the hospitality sector, allowing us to facilitate the smooth transition of operations for distressed properties. Our hotel receiver services focus on asset value protection, revenue generation, efficient management, and property disposition, including the following:

  • Pre-appointment review of the order to ensure sufficient authority is conveyed
  • Immediate evaluation of life-safety issues, permits, and franchise license to ensure uninterrupted operations
  • Sales and marketing assessment and recommendations
  • Physical property assessment and recommendations
  • Accounting and payroll services
  • Human resources management
  • Full-service property management and oversight
  • Property marketing and brokerage services (as receiver and/or through affiliated licensed brokerage firm)

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